How to get an Acting Agent in London




December 2022

How to get an Acting Agent in London

4. Collabs and Showreels

Number four is a fairly obvious one, you need a high quality acting showreel where we can see you at your best. If you don't have any content, don't fear, there are lots of companies that you can hire to produce you one. Or if money is tight, you can colllaborate with film students.

5. Cover Letters

This is my favourite one. Writing a killer cover letter to your agent is important, and so underrated. First, it needs to look beautiful, and you need to sell yourself in a confident, yet relatably modest manner. The best piece of advice I can offer here is to include in your letter what you are typically cast as, whether that is a friend, sister etc - this informs agents that you are knowledgable and castable.

6. Practice

The learning never stops, so keep working on developing your skills. Enrol in a class, theatre company or an online course. If money is tight, you can use your day job to help fund your ongoing education.

7. Mental Health

Whilst looking for an agent is important to not let your mental health decline. We all receive rejection, you're not alone. Some agents don't like to represent too many actors who may have similar casting types. If it isn't a yes - you just have something else waiting ahead of you. On the days you feel fragile, be kind to yourself and engage in activities that make you feel happy.

So, you are focusing on building your acting career? Of course you want to get an agent, that's the logical next step in progressing your acting career. Here are 7 tips that will help you to get an acting agent in London.

1. Identity

The first thing to think about is to recognise who you are. What do stand for? Are you passionate about a certain area? It is good to work on yourself, before presenting yourself as an actor. Agents are always interested to know who you are and what makes you tick.

2. Social Media and Casting Websites.

Do try to put yourself out on there on social media, casting websites, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube - networking is key. I also found that other actors are tremendously supportive of eachother online too.

3. Spotlight

In the UK, you really need to be featured on Spotlight with some decent heashots. What is Spotlight? Spotlight is the main casting portal where casting directors advertise auditions and giggs. You definitely want to be on there to get an agent to consider representing you. you can get on there if you have a dance/drama/music degree or a if you have had at least three professional roles. Network to get those three credited roles. 

Something else to check out on Spotlight, is that you can see a list of registered agents who have their books open to taking on new talent - this is a time saving feature.