Christine Roberts is a British, Shropshire born; Actress, Voice Actor, Contemporary Dancer, Screenwriter and Model. She began acting and dancing at 8, where she then continued to train professionally as contemporary/ballet dancer and physical theatre performer. She trained in London under artists such as; Angela Woodhouse, Lesley Main, Alexander Kolb and Denzil Bailey.

She has since embarked on an international career, and has travelled to Asia, Africa, Europe and The Middle East - dancing, acting and modelling within commercials, music videos, live events, TV and feature film.

Roberts is an educator, and keen pilates practitioner, which she instructs in both classical and contemporary methodologies. 

Also known for her support within charities, she has featured in film campaigns for End Violence Against Woman - a support service for vulnerable women and children.

Additionally, she is an advocate for managing mental health disorders hollistically, and is actively vocal about her the demand for research believed to be needed into Dyscalculia (SpLD).

She is currently based in London, where she is focused upon developing her passions.